The team behind the platform of OPENschool has been working hard to improve the experience of our users. We made many changes in the backend to improve the workflows of students and teachers, and some changes in the frontend to improve readability and semantics. But not only that, we expanded the quality assurance of the system so we ensure that old and new features work flawlessly for our users.

Duplicate competencies

We did some big changes in the logic to duplicate competencies, now you’ll get better performance and a refined UX to make your workflow smoother. We understand how important it is to port learning content between Subjects. Our custom implementation will allow us to make even more improvements in later updates, so stay tuned!

Multiple Questions for Assessments

Maybe you want to assess your students by asking multiple questions related to one Competency, now we made it much easier to have multiple questions in each Assessment, so students get redirected to learning content they need whenever they need it.

All assessments have now multiple questions to give more creative freedom to the teachers. Questions are displayed one at a time and it’s easier to know what questions we’re already answered.

More performance for exporting Learning Material

As our backend changed for our duplicate feature we also improved exporting competencies. Now the files are more readable and sorted per Content-Type. You can manually edit the files and get the content you need in multiple instances.

Many many more tests

We love testing and it was our primary focus for this version. We believe that the best way to ensure that our users have the best experience with our app, we need to provide them with testing for each feature of our platform.

With our efforts, we achieved 500+ lines only for feature testing and we are planning to expand this even more.

Better user management

There have been multiple improvements in the user interface for user management. Now it is required for a user to be active in the platform before making any change or even reading the information. We validate this with a field that is enabled by the Super Admin of the platform.

But not only that, we added the username field to keep more user information private. Users no longer need to use their names and instead they can only select a unique username that will be displayed across the platform.

Students know their progress better

We understand how important it is for each student to track their own progress so we worked on displaying the information about it and making it available every time that a Topic is updated.

Now all students will track their progress much easier as that information is displayed on every Topic information page across the platform. Every time that an Assessment or Learning Path is updated by a student, the changes are reflected in the UI to know what is the status of each item.

Save and publish

We want to make things easier for the teachers of our platform so now it takes one button to publish a Competency and all its contents. It will detect the Topics that are incomplete and make them not visible for students.

With the information on the screen, it will be much easier to identify the Topics that need work or that were hidden by this feature.

Pasting images in CKEditor

We love CKEditor and we understand the features that it offers. Now we support natively pasting images to the editor from the clipboard and they are automatically uploaded to the server.

We are also celebrating

OPENschool is one of the selected teams for the 2020 Bildunger Challenge. Thanks to that, the project was funded 100K EUR as a supporting budget to implement and expand the concept. The team cannot be happier and more thankful for this. We hope to give you more exciting news soon.